We hope that you enjoy the tours on our website and get the chance to learn more about the facinating lives and culture of Maryland's watermen and women.  Through the efforts of the Chesapeake Conservancy, Coastal Heritage Alliance, Maryland Waterman's Association, and Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, the Watermen's Heritage Tourism Training Program has taught over eighty watermen and women new ways to share the skills, knowledge, and stories they have gathered over their lifetimes. 

All of the tours featured on our website are run by individuals that have been through our training program and everyone has received a certificate of completion.  Each trip is unique, however, and each tour operater is ultimately responsible for their own trip's content, itinerary, safety, and management.  The four groups that have helped create the Watermen's Heritage Tourism Training Program; the Chesapeake Conservancy, Coastal Heritage Alliance Maryland Waterman's Association, Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum; do not have any responsilbility or liability for what happens on your trip.  

If you have any questions or concerns about going on a trip, including, but not limited to, cancellation and severe weather policies, it is your responsiblity to talk with your tour operater beforehand.  Any issues that may arise while on a tour are the responsibility of the tour operator to manage.  There is a trip review form on each waterman's website and we encourage you to leave constructive feedback for your tour operator, however it is not the responsibility of the Watermen's Heritage Tourism Training Program to respond to any complaints or issues that may have arisen during your trip.